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Did You Know Leonardo da Vinci Designed Handbags?

While most of his art is reserved for trips to the Louvre — or perusing history books — one fashion house has taken to turning Leonardo da Vinci’s once-2D designs into pieces of handbag artistry, IRL. Inspired by a drawing discovered in 1978 by Carlo Pedretti fake hermes, Gherardini had debuted a handmade calfskin bag that encompasses da Vinci’s vision from the 15th century, but also — not all that surprisingly— still appeals to our present day tastes.It seems bringing a piece of art to life is no easy task; the reassembling of the original drawing, the design work of Carla Braccaialini, and the production by a Florence fashion house all boiled down to just 99 copies of the ladylike, short-handled, embossed bag that’s 1:1 replica hermes 32cm malachite gold sellier ghw emerald epsom kelly anything but an everyday carryall. If you’re interested in owning a Leonardo original, the bags 1:1 replica hermes 30cm birkin bag rouge vif ostrich gold hardware will be on sale starting in March for a price that we can assume might even make 1:1 replica hermes 30cm natural barenia and toile birkin bag Mona Lisa’s smile falter. Like 1:1 replica hermes anemone togo birkin 35cm gold hardware 1:1 replica hermes azap bamboo green wallet Mona, we’ll gaze at this awesome beauty from afar and wonder if a modern-day da Vinci would have given Hermès a run for their money. Thoughts?

(Fashion Telegraph)

Photo: Via Fashion Telegraph

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