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John Terry fights back for Chelsea’s old ‘southern softies’

John Terry has hit out at critics of can i wash my canada goose coat Chelsea who believe the champions are too old to retain the title and denied they are “southern softies” despite having won away only once in the league since late October.

Chelsea’s defeat of Bolton Wanderers at the Reebok Stadium yesterday evening was their first victory since Blackburn Rovers were beaten 2-1 at Ewood Park nearly three months ago and Terry said: “Our self-belief is back but we’ve got some can you dry clean a canada goose coat tough games coming up at Everton [in the FA Cup] and Sunderland. People might say we’re southern softies as we’ve not won away for a while but we’re certainly not that. We’ve shown we can mix it with the likes of canada goose coat $5000 no credit check signature loans Bolton, who on their day can play very good football, but also like to stick it in the box. We’ve shown we can fight and earn the right to play.

“We’ve read things that people don’t fear us any more but the message from our dressing room is you don’t fear us at your best price canada goose parka own peril. The lads were very up for this game having read a few things in the week.”

Terry also offered strong words regarding the view that Chelsea’s senior players are ageing. Ashley Cole, Nicolas Anelka, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Terry are buy canada goose coat uk all 30 or buy canada goose jacket edmonton older. “The age thing is annoying. Towards the end of last year I heard a lot of things about us showing great experience with the players we had in the squad canada goose coat 1000 calorie diets but three months later we’re all too old,” he said.

“Next year we’ll all be a year older so will really be in trouble. We’ve got players who are 30, 31, 32 but also some young blood coming through. It’s a great mix. One thing you can’t take away from this group is our winning mentality, which rubs off on everyone who comes in. You speak to anyone who comes in to this football buy canada goose parka uk club and they’ll tell you that at training every day you have to win.”

Since defeating Fulham 1-0 in early November Chelsea’s form has slipped so badly that their four-point lead has been erased and they are now fourth.

Yet Terry believes the side’s prospects are bright. “This team has got a good future. We realise we’re a small squad and the club are looking at different options but, if this squad stay together for the rest of the season click more, we’ll be right up there. We’ve come back before and will never give up. Even under Avram [Grant] a few years ago [2007-08] we were miles behind but kept winning and gave United a real fright. We’ll do that again and take it right to the end.

“We’ve never been out of the title race. It baffles me that people have said we’re out of it. We’ve not been in the best of form, canada goose coat 1000 calorie meal plans but as we’ve seen teams drop buy canada goose jacket ebay points in this league. We’ll never give up, and when we play like that [against Bolton] nobody should write us off. We’ve got to play [Manchester] United twice and two big results could turn it round, but we don’t know when those fixtures are going to be as we’re both still in the FA Cup. The sooner the better for us so we can get our teeth back into the title race.”

He is also content with how he is playing. “I’ve been impressed with my own form all season,” he said.