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I’m going to see each of them when possible

The Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room in the Dark event designed to challenge beer drinkers assumptions and help them cultivate a more perceptive palate. The blindfolded participants will learn to identify different styles of beer. On Thursday, Feb. If it had happened 40 years ago, so many of us would never had the good fortune to meet him. Geoff has donated his eyes to Trillium Gift of Life. Geoff is survived by his brother, Dave Arron (Ann, Katie and Nick), his sister in law, Glennis Roberts (Alexandra and Lauren), sister in law, Brigitte Wiebe (Nicole, Gabe, and Kai), and predeceased by Marguerite’s parents, Jim and Sadie Roberts, and his brother in law, Tom Roberts (Brigitte, Nicole, Gabe and Kai) and his parents Marjorie and Laurence Arron.

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