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Uefa urges government to back FA in power struggle

Uefa has called on the government to introduce laws that would give About Prada Products the Football Association more power over how the Premier League is run and called for a “single governing body” to run the game in England.

In a submission to an all-party parliamentary football group, which is ­carrying out a consultation on football’s governance, the European governing body challenges the political clout of the Premier League by referring to “pyrrhic turf wars” that have paralysed English football. Most significantly it points Amazon Uk Prada Shoes out that the UK is almost unique among European nations in failing to supply a “proper ­legislative framework” for sports bodies.

“Legislation can help to protect different sports from the unwanted side-effects of the haphazard way sport has developed – by helping to ensure sporting objectives are prioritised,” says the report. “The overall framework and control Authentic Prada Americas About Prada Products Cup Sneakers of development policy and technical matters should be with the national association for all levels of football.”

In what might be interpreted Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shopping as a Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada specific reference to the Premier League’s break with the FA in 1992, the submission adds: “It is the experience across European football and sport that, Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Sale almost without exception, breakaway leagues do not help the development of the sport as a whole (although they may benefit a small interest group).”

The government, which alongside the all-party group is also directly consulting with stakeholders over how they feel the game should be run, has traditionally resisted legislating in this area, believing in the autonomy of sports to run their own affairs.

The Premier League. “Football is best governed at a national level and any debate Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy of how to do that should take place within that framework,” a spokesman said last night.

Although Uefa’s submission recognises the role of the Premier League as a competitions organiser, it adds: “The national association should retain overall control in order to ensure balanced development of the sport in question. Uefa is of the view that there is (and should be) a single governing body responsible for English football and that is the Football Association.”

It said that a game run by the FA, the Premier League and the Football League had some pluses in organising excellent club competitions, “such benefits are relatively minor and the net effect of having competing regulators in the same territory is generally inefficient and detrimental to sport”.

Uefa also expressed unease at the ­Premier League being the controlling body for top-flight referees in England.

The FA was most important, it was felt, in rejuvenating youth development. The paucity of talent available to the national coach, Fabio Capello, was again exposed in Seville Authentic Prada Outlet Uk last Wednesday, where England suffered a 2-0 defeat to Spain and Uefa feels that the FA’s lack of regulatory muscle, particularly over youth development, underlies England’s anaemic international record. It is a battle that has for years raged between the Premier League, the Football League and the FA. The most recent attempt at reconciliation, a ­tripartite body chaired by Howard Wilkinson, has been disbanded without ever holding a ­meaningful meeting.

“Whilst it is clear that professional clubs are involved in youth development, the overall framework and control of ­development policy and technical matters should be with the national association for all levels of football,” Authentic Prada Fairy Bag Sale emphasises Uefa.

Along with making the case for the primacy of the FA, Uefa nevertheless expressed concern at the lack of representation on the governing body for the likes of managers, coaches, players, agents, supporters and referees. “The lack of such representatives in the relevant bodies in English football may, almost by definition, lead to discussions focused more click on commercial and football-political issues and less on football issues,” says the report. “For example, in some countries it would be difficult to imagine the national technical director not being on the board of the national football association.”