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So, really, Wrigley Field has been the one constant in my

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Canada Goose Jackets I even rooted for Dave Kingman for the brief time he canada goose outlet was with the Cubs, even though I thought he was a bum both before and after. So, really, Wrigley Field has been the one constant in my longtime love affair with the Cubs. So go ahead and ask me: If these prima donna players of today don’t come back this spring and if the owners decide to put replacement players in Cub uniforms, would I go? There are more important questions to answer first: Will the Wrigley Field ivy be blooming? Will vendors be traipsing through the stands, shouting, “Red hots!” and “Get your peanuts!” Will the sun still shine down on Wrigley’s lush outfield grass? If the answers to these are yes, then the answer to the first question is: “Save me a seat on the third base side.” Bill Moor Bill Moor is a Tribune columnist Canada Goose Jackets.