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Unlike attacks that have

Unlike attacks that have involved explosive laden vehicles, the sheer weight and speed of the truck on the busy promenade appeared to have caused the high number of deaths. German tourist Richard Gutjahr says he could hear angry shouts outside and see a big white truck rolling slowly down a road supposed to be blocked off as a party zone. He picked up his camera and captured a key moment in the terrible path of the Nice attack.

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It all began when Tarik Felsic, the sculpture’s creator and disenchanted Cartoon Network employee, created a mash up of Velma from “Scooby Doo” and Hello Kitty. Unfortunately for Felsic, the drawing was not well received by Hello Kitty fans it received vehement criticism for attaching Velma’s intellect to Hello Kitty’s cuteness. In its absurdity, the feminist message underlying the exhibit became most obvious..

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Paleontologists with the San Diego Natural History Museum discovered the remains of the ancient mammal more than 20 years ago. But it wasn until now that scientists were able to accurately date the findings, and possibly rewrite the history of the New World as we know it. The discovery changes the understanding of when humans reached North America..

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