American Made Attachments

About Us

Top Dog is a manufacturer of over 50+ American Made Attachments based in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. In 2012, Top Dog was established by its parent company CJ Inc., formally known as CJJ Inc., who first started manufacturing in 1983. We are a family owned company that is led by Darren Bremseth, who has been in the manufacturing business for over 25 years. At Top Dog one of our top priorities is customer service, we aim to provide our customers with an exceptional experience they won’t forget.


Every detail of our attachments are designed carefully to ensure they can handle each task they are intended for. Our attachments are also made with heavy duty A50 Steel to provide extreme durability.


We continuously strive to design new proucts to make our customers lives easier. We listen to our customers’ needs and feedback to influence our products. 


We take pride in the products we manufacture and ownership in everything we say and do. At Top Dog , we operate with honesty and transparency in all our dealings. 

Core Values

Our Story

Over the Years



CJJ Inc was established and started manufacturing in 1983.


Attachments CJJ

Attachments CJJ was established by its parent company, CJJ Inc


CJ Inc

Darren Bremseth purchased CJJ Inc and re-established it as CJ Inc.


Top Dog Attachments

Attachments CJJ was rebranded as Top Dog Attachments under new ownership.


New Facility

CJ Inc relocated to a new manufacturing facility.