Bale Accumulators

The skid steer bale accumulator is great for hands free haying. When operating the bale accumulator, it will grab and lift 8-10 bales each time. It has removable sides, which makes it easier to grab and stack hay bales.

It is an easy process that can be handled by a single person. Each bale accumulator comes with a quick connect mounting plate allowing you to use it with a skid steer or tractor.



  • Width: 84”
  • Overall Depth: 104″
  • Height: 26″
  • Cylinder: 2 x 8 welded cross tube ORB ports
  • Bushings: Machined wear resistant nylon
  • Hooks:  65 – 45 – 12 Ductile Iron
  • Frame: Laser cut and formed
  • Hoses: 3/8″ 3000 PSI hydraulic
  • Max Lift: 8-10 Bales
  • Weight: 998 LBS

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