Details & Specifications

The Top Dog Granite Grapple is a heavy duty brush grapple that is designed to be compatible with tractors ranging from 19hp to 55hp depending on the grapple size. This grapples versatile design is able to make clearing brush, logs, roots, and much more, an easy and quick process. During the designing and testing process we spent many hours to insure that this product is durable enough and easily functionable for the user. Each tooth on the bottom is reinforced to eliminate the bar going across, this allows dirt to pass through rather than build up in the teeth. This feature also makes digging out small roots much easier due to how durable the teeth are. 

Part #TD 1054

Description: 54″ Granite Grapple

Length: 55

Width: 25”

Height: 35 3/4″

Weight: 235 LBS

Max Opening: 40.5″

HP Rating: 19-24



Part #TD 1060

Description: 60″ Granite Grapple

Length: 60.5

Width: 25.5”

Height: 35 3/4″

Weight: 390 LBS

Max Opening: 40 1/4″

HP Rating: 24-37



Part #TD 1072

Description: 72″ Granite Grapple

Length: 70.5

Width: 25.5″

Height: 35 3/4″

Weight: 540 LBS

Max Opening: 40 1/4″

HP Rating: 37-55


Part #tD 1084

Description: 84″ Granite Grapple

Length: 83.5

Width: 25.5”

Height: 35 3/4″

Weight: 625 LBS

Max Opening: 40 1/4″

HP Rating: 75



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