Stump Grapple

Details & Specifications

The skid steer stump grapple is a great attachment to have for digging out tough stumps. There are a variety of uses for this attachment which include but are not limited to, removing stumps, trees, rocks, cutting redwood, loading logs, and digging trenches.  This attachment works well for digging into the ground to get under stumps and roots.  Teeth and grapple are optional. 

Part #9233040

Description: Stump Bucket

Overall Width: 45”

Overall Depth: 44″

Overall Height: 18”

Weight: 353 LBS


Part #9233032

Description: Stump Grapple

Overall Width: 45.30”

Overall Depth: 42″

Overall Height: 28.13”

Weight: 498 LBS


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