Tooth Bar

Give your old bucket a new bite with a sharp, solid tooth bar. Made in the USA, our heavy-duty tooth bar can rip and tear through earth with ease, helping you get the job done quick. Heavy duty tooth design with pre-drilled holes allowing bolting to your old bucket sides.

The tooth bar is specially heat-treated to ensure strength & durability. Teeth are built to pin on to the bar and they can be removed from the bar to re-sharpen or replace, which will increase your bucket’s life. The teeth are spaced 9” apart* with cutting edge specs of 4 x 1/2 inches. This makes for optimal cutting & grasping power when tearing through earth.

In addition, the tooth bar mounts securely in place. It bolts tightly to the bucket sides as the cutting edge rides in a special, V-shaped pocket to help protect the bucket edge.



  • Part #: 90100160 – 60″ , 90100168 – 68″ , 90100172 – 72″ , 90100178 – 78″
  • Tooth Spacing On Centre: 37.9″
  • Cutting Edge Size: 4″ x 1/2″
  • Cutting Edge Material: C1055
  • Mounting Type: Bolts onto bucket sides /cutting edge rides in V-shaped pocket
  • Adapters:  Hardened heat treated with pin-on teeth

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